Pregnancy Gift Hampers Australia

Looking for thoughtful pregnancy gifts to pamper a mum to be? Find the perfect gift for expecting mums at Milk and Love. Our pregnancy gift hampers feature thoughtful and natural gifts that are exactly what she needs to help her enjoy her pregnancy and find her glow. 

Best Pregnancy Hampers for Mum to Be

Our speciality range of natural pregnancy products include natural pregnancy pamper and self care products like belly oils to prevent stretch marks, bath salts to help ease those pregnancy aches, as well as pregnancy gifts to assist with giving birth and birth recovery. You can create the best pregnancy gift box with a bespoke pregnancy gift box if you want a great gift for someone speicial.

Milk & Love Pregnancy Gifts are curated with best selling natural pregnancy products that are tried and tested by our mum to be community. You can find a Pregnancy Congratulations Gift for those exciting early stages of pregnancy or a pregnancy pamper pack for the mum-to-be who needs a little extra TLC. We love pregnancy gifts for first time mum's that include all those things she'll need whether it is her first trimester, second trimester or third! Want to brighten her day? Look for the affirmation cards and journals to create a pregnancy care package full of all the things she'll love.

Create a thoughtful Gift for a Pregnant Friend, Wife or Daughter

To create a thoughtful gift for pregnant women it is important to think about what will mean the most to them for the stage they are at, and include a message from you about what an amazing new mum you think they'll be. Pregnant women often feel vulnerable and uncertain, so the best pregnancy gift boxes include reassurance to the mom to be that she'll be a wonderful new mum, and why. There is no such thing as too much love and reassurance.

We love including items in our pregnancy gift hampers to nourish and support first time mums to enjoy their pregnancy journey all the way through to their hospital stay. You can always add extra pregnancy gifts to your pregnancy hamper so that it is beautifully curated especially for your mom to be.

What should I put in a pregnancy care package?

The best pregnancy care package for a pregnant woman includes pregnancy self care products to help her enjoy her pregnancy more, as well as pregnancy super foods to give her a nutritional boost from the inside! You might also want to include pregnancy and birth affirmation cards or self care books to lift her spirits if she's been feeling down. Those pregnancy hormones can really create havoc with an expecting mom!

What do you give someone when they're pregnant?

The best pregnancy gifts are tailored for the expecting mom depending on what stage of pregnancy they are at. If they are at the beginning of pregnancy, then the perfect gift will help support her as she grows with self care items, journals to document her journey, and beautiful natural skin care.

If they more towards the end of the pregnancy then we prefer gift ideas that help prepare her for birth, such as our Maternity Hospital bag bundles or lactation supplements to help her when baby arrives.

You might also want to have a browse of our baby shower gifts for pregnant women which include a little something for Mum and some high quality organic and natural baby products.

What goes into a pregnancy gift basket?

A pregnancy gift basket should include items to help support and nourish the mom to be and might also include a little something for baby's arrival.

A really thoughtful gift for mom to be will change depending on what stage of pregnancy she is at. Early pregnancy gifts tend to include more things to support her through pregnancy. Later pregnancy gifts tend to be more focused on items to support her through birth and the early motherhood stage, including lactation cookies, breastfeeding products and new mum self care items.

What should I put in my first trimester care package for someone newly pregnant?

In the first trimester pregnant women are often feeling nauseous and a bit overwhelmed with the huge transition they are going through. The best gifts for pregnant women at this stage include pregnancy superfoods to help support her growing belly, pregnancy self care to lift her spirits and pregnancy journals or milestone cards so she can document her journey.

What should I put in a maternity gift basket for a work friend?

When creating a maternity gift basket to give to an expecting mother before she goes on maternity leave you will want to include some practical gifts for the new baby as well as something special for the expectant mum to look after her in her final stages of pregnancy.

If you can gather a group of work collegues to pool their funds together then you can choose a more luxe pregnancy gifts that might include thoughtful baby gifts like a set of organic cotton baby clothes, natural baby sleep aids, and some non toxic baby toys to help get the expecting parents set up for their new baby. You might want to include a baby girl gift or baby boy gift if you know what they are having, or otherwise a gender neutral baby gift!

What should I get a first time expecting mum?

A first time expecting mama to be is likely to need all of the pregnancy care items, as well as all of the new baby products! She is also more likely to appreciate high quality organic baby clothes, toys and products that will last through several babies.

You might also want to include some parenting books and new mum gifts because she is likely to be doing a lot of research to help her through this transition.

What are the best pregnancy gifts for a friend?

When you're buying a gift for a newly pregnant friend the most thoughtful gifts are all about looking after her! You might want to help her with pregnancy cravings with some pregnancy superfoods to support her growing belly, or a bath soak to help ease her aching muscles. You could include some self care products to lift her spirits and help her create special memories with a pregnancy journal or milestone cards.

The best pregnancy gifts for a friend include thoughtful messages of support and encouragement that she will cherish. Check out our 'Congratulations on your New Baby Wishes' Blog for inspiration!

Pregnancy Hamper Brisbane - How Long will delivery take?

Milk and Love is based in Brisbane and we ship gift hampers out every day. Each gift hamper is carefully created by hand and gift wrapped with love. Please be aware that during busy periods there may be a delay in us dispatching your order. We prioritise express post orders, so if your order is time sensitive, please select express post at the checkout. 99% of orders are sent using Australia Post, so please check the Australia Post website for the latest news on delivery expectations across Australia.