Lactation Cookies

At Milk and Love we know that breastfeeding can be tough. You may be pumping or just feeling run down and needing a boost, or you might just be wanting a nourishing snack to keep your energy up (and increase milk supply)! Our lactation cookies are here to support breastfeeding mums.

This range of lactation cookies is tried and tested by Milk and Love Mums. They support milk production using brewers yeast, rolled oats and other super ingredients that have been traditionally used to support breast milk production. The lactation cookies recipe used is extensively tested by breastfeeding mums to be nourishing and supportive. Our range of lactation cookies are freshly delivered from commercial bakeries that use strict food safety controls to make sure they are fresh and delicious for you.

Wondering how many lactation cookies to take? Each brand of lactation cookies have different guidelines. Please check the product description to find out more.