Gifts for New Mums

The best hampers and gifts for new mums and babies are thoughtful and adorable. When a new mum is getting used to having a brand new baby after giving birth, it's difficult to find time for herself. The first few weeks of a new motherhood journey are so precious and wonderful. These new mum gifts are curated with the best gifts to nourish a new mum, whether first time mums or experienced mama.

Choosing thoughtful gifts for new mums ensure that she gets some pampering loving care so she can relax and celebrate new life and family. What's more, they're affordable and easy to send; simply choose the mum gifts that suits her best (delivered in our beautifully wrapped packaging), and we'll do the rest.

Create your own bespoke New Mum Gift Box: want to make something different? You can Make Your Own New Mums Gift Box here.

Not sure what she wants most? A Gift Certificate is a great way to let her choose her favourite gift ideas

Favourite Gift Ideas for New Mums

We have a few favourite new mum gifts that are always well received, based on what type of new mama and baby you're buying for. The best gifts include a little pampering, as well as some practical items in a new mama kit to help the new mum adjust to her baby. Whether you are gifting a new mum hamper to delight breast feeding mamas and bub, or a hamper for new mum to nourish her from the inside out, we have a great gift for her (and baby!).

When you purchase a new mum gift box from Milk and Love, Australia you don't have to worry about anything. We will carefully pack your new mum gifts with eco friendly gift box and gift card and send it to your lucky recipient.