Books for Baby

Baby's first books should feature simple illustrations, rhyming or rhythmic words, and of course, durable design such as board books that can withstand a bit of rough and tumble! A good board book makes a great Baby Shower Gift or New Baby Gift as it can be enjoyed over and over by the whole family.

Our curated selection includes classics, new favorites, and hidden gems. Whether you're looking for a bedtime story or something to keep baby entertained, we have just the book for you. Browse our collection and find the perfect book for your little one today.

Board Books for Baby

Baby Books need to be durable and small so that little hands can hold them as they grow. The classic board book design is are the best books for baby's library because it will withstand baby's need for touch and interactivity as they explore different textures. Kids love story time and will often want to touch the illustrations in picture books when they are little as they explore the world using touch so a board book is our go to as the best baby book. Traditional hardcover books with paper pages are more appropriate for ages 3 and up, or for babies that can treat them a little more carefully!

Bedtime Routine Baby Books

Babies love being read to as part of their bedtime routine. Choose something with rhyming words that can be read in a gentle voice to help baby wind down. Some of our tried and true favorites for bedtime include 'You are Loved' by Nancy Tillman and anything by Mem Fox!

Black and White Picture Books

You might notice a lot of black and white pictures, or gorgeous illustrations with high-contrast colours. That is because babies can only see high-contrast images when they are young. Older babies start to see more shades from around 5 months of age. During that newborn stage, it is best to choose a black and white board book or high contrast board book to keep baby engaged in the story.

Is a Baby Book a good Baby Shower Gift?

Yes, baby books are an item that will be enjoyed over and over again and make aperfect gift to include in your baby shower gift box! Books are a beautiful way to create moments of connection and calm between baby and their caregivers, and also help to develop young readers that find joy in reading great books. The more words you read to your child, the easier they will find it to learn to read as they get older.