Beautiful Baby Gifts Australia

When it comes to baby gifts, there are a lot of options. At Milk and Love you'll find our curated range of natural baby gifts are carefully chosen to be high quality and sustainable. We love supporting Australian Small Business, and choosing baby gifts that are made with natural products that are better for the earth. We offer a carefully curated range of eco baby gifts made with natural and organic materials that we have tried and tested for you, to find the best of the best. Our range includes soft organic baby clothes, non-toxic natural toys and natural sleep remedies for baby we think you'll love. Shop the Milk and Love range with confidence today.

What criteria do we use to select the best natural baby products at Milk and Love?

We believe in looking at the entire product lifecycle to understand how sustainable a product is and the impact on babies sensitive skin. Our criteria is:

  1. Is the natural baby product made with natural or organic plant based ingredients and materials where possible?
  2. Does the product last for a long time? We prefer to reduce our reliance on disposable products
  3. Is the brand a reputable company that takes responsibility for their products including the entire supply chain? We don't want cheap imports with questionable safety certificates.
  4. Is the product non toxic and cruelty free and created with sustainable living in mind?

What are the best natural products for babies?

While choosing organic and natural products is better for everyone, it is especially important for babies and young children who are at higher risk of chemical exposure.

You want to consider everything around your baby's delicate newborn skin, including using GOTS certified organic cotton baby clothing, organic baby skincare products, as well as baby toys made with natural fabrics and toxin free materials. Your baby is best cared for with all natural products without any hidden nasties or harmful chemicals. It is not only important for baby, but choosing eco friendly materials, organic ingredients and plant based ingredients is better for the whole family.

Choosing natural baby products and organic baby products is choosing sustainable living which is also better for the environment.

At Milk and Love we select our natural baby care products from reputable businesses such as PureBaby, Sapling Child and Lively Living to ensure only the best non toxic materials are used.

The Milk and Love baby range includes only the best natural baby products Australia has to offer. We choose items made with natural bamboo, cotton and natural skincare, that are free from nasties like pesticides, herbicides and toxins. We believe that what goes on baby's skin should be pure, natural and eco-friendly, which is why we have sourced the best natural baby products from Australia. Our range includes beautiful organic baby clothes, non-toxic baby toys, and organic baby friendly essential oils.

Which natural baby products are best in Australia?

There are many great natural baby products available in Australia, but at Milk and Love we only stock the very best. We have carefully curated our range to include only products made with organic materials and free from toxins and chemicals. Our range includes organic baby clothes, non-toxic natural baby toys and natural sleep remedies, all of which have been

Which company products are safe for baby?

At Milk and Love, we only stock baby products from reputable businesses that use organic and natural materials and that audit and check their entire supply line. Some of our favourite brands include PureBaby, Sapling Child and Lively Living. You can shop the Milk and Love range with confidence knowing that all of our products are safe for baby and gentle on the earth.