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Hi there! My name is Corryn I'm the founder of Milk and Love.

How Milk and Love Started
I wanted to let you know a little bit more about our brand and how it happened in this short video. I had my first baby quite a long time ago now and I started Milk and Love when he was about three years old because I couldn't find products that I needed as a new breastfeeding mum. I was also looking for breastfeeding friendly clothes that were made with natural fabrics and there was nothing on the market at the time! So I started Milk and Love.

What is Milk and Love all about?
All your baby really needs is Milk and Love... and that's how the name of the brand came about! It's really what our philosophy is about as well. We’re all about enjoying motherhood with natural, eco-friendly solutions that make your life easier, so you can focus on providing Milk & Love for your baby! The team and I have put together a range that we hope will make your life a bit easier and help you with your breastfeeding journey.

Milk and Love Supports New Mums and Mums-to-be
No mother and baby are the same, so we're also all about supporting you with where you're at. We've put together a lot of really good blog posts and videos that we hope you'll find informative and supportive. We're also doing virtual mothers groups now in our Milk and Love mum's Facebook group so make sure you join us there. You can connect with us and other regular experts that we have, so that you can ask questions and get support.

Thank you so much for visiting and Welcome to Milk and Love!

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More about Milk and Love

Milk and Love launched in 2010 when our founder, Corryn, couldn't find stylish nursing clothes made with natural fabrics. After enduring a hot Queensland summer, red faced and uncomfortable in synthetic nursing wear with a hot and (very) attached baby, she searched the world for brands specialising in stylish breastfeeding clothes made with cool natural fabrics such as bamboo, cotton and modal. Since then, Milk and Love has grown every year, moving out of the 3rd bedroom of Corryn's home and into a beautiful premises in Paddington, Brisbane.

Milk & Love is dedicated to stocking beautiful brands with a commitment to environmental and ethically responsible manufacturing, and loves supporting other small family brands who pour so much love and attention to detail into their products. We also love supporting mums with information from experts, and a supportive gentle parenting community in our Facebook Group. You can also join us on Facebook or Instagram for our latest arrivals and inspiration.

Have a beautiful day and thanks for visiting!

Our Team

Corryn - Founder Corryn - Milk and Love Maternity & Baby

Mum of 3, coffee addict and lover of a good book on a rainy day, Corryn has a tendency to jump into new ideas with a lot of enthusiasm and disregard for to-do lists. 

You'll often find her at Milk and Love with a baby attached, chatting to people and discussing new ideas or discovering new brands. 



Sue - Customer Service 

Sue - Milk and Love Maternity & Baby

Mum of 5 and Nanny to 5 (and counting), Sue spends her spare time hiking with her family, sending care packages to her children and grandchildren (including the most delicious meals), and generally spreading love and support to everyone in her life. 

Sue is often at the Milk and Love shop sending packages out to new Mums & Mums-to-be with special notes and an extra touch of love to help brighten your day. 





Ashley - Customer Service milk-love-team-ashley-19a1903.png

Ashley can be found creating beautiful gifts to send out on your behalf, as well as responding to your emails. She loves listening to some great music and spending time with friends and family.