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Hi, my name is Corryn and I'm the founder of Milk & Love. At Milk & Love our vision is to empower new mothers to live well and to raise the next generation with love.

In 2022, we celebrate our 10-year anniversary. With this milestone, we thought it was the right time to reflect on our journey and what Milk and Love stands for and means to thousands of Aussie mums. You might have noticed we have launched a new logo, and brand identity recently, and now I’m very excited to share our updated Vision, Mission and Values.

Over the last 10 years, I have had so many amazing conversations with mothers, and I am so grateful for your support of our business over this time.

Personally, I had my first baby quite a while ago and my transition to motherhood was very rocky! We encountered a range of problems from silent reflux to sensory issues. My baby was sensitive and ‘high needs’. We didn’t get much sleep and I was desperate to work out what I was doing wrong as a mother, because, of course, I assumed it was something I could fix.

I visited a lot of doctors and received a lot of advice. Some doctor told me to just let my baby cry it out, and others told me to try offering a bottle of formula in the evening to help my baby sleep better.

The first 12 months were very isolating. I was the only mother in my circle that was breastfeeding past 6 months, co-sleeping and practicing attachment parenting. I found it really stressful and spent a lot of time questioning whether I was doing the right thing.

This experience was the driving motivation for me to create Milk & Love.

I wanted to create a place that supported and reaffirmed mothers’ choices, especially breastfeeding mothers who were practicing a gentle attachment parenting style that can often be different to the mainstream parenting style.

So… for all the mothers who persevered through advice to let their baby cry it out, or to give an unnecessary bottle of formula.

For all the mothers who ignored the questions of ‘isn’t it time to stop breastfeeding now?’.

For all the mumma’s who did their best to raise their babies with love and compassion.

We are Milk and Love. Motherhood Inspired.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me choose the words that articulate who we are so well. It was not an easy process, but I’m really excited to share the end result with you, our community of beautiful mothers and mothers to be.

At Milk and Love our vision is to empower new mothers to live well and raise the next generation with love.

On a day-to-day basis, we live that through our mission, which is to brighten new mum’s days with great products and inspiration to help them thrive and enjoy their best motherhood journey. We totally get that motherhood isn’t always smooth sailing, and that sometimes it can feel as though your challenges are insurmountable. But remember, you’re not alone. We are here to support you through your journey, and we have decades of experience within our team and our broader community to draw on.

So, whether it’s over the phone, via email, visiting us at our Paddington Store, or in our Facebook Group join our growing community of like minded mums and be part of something really special,….. Milk and Love. Motherhood Inspired.

Thank you so much for visiting and Welcome to Milk and Love!

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More about Milk and Love

Milk & Love is dedicated to stocking beautiful brands with a commitment to environmental and ethically responsible manufacturing, and loves supporting other small family brands who pour so much love and attention to detail into their products. We also love supporting mums with information from experts, and a supportive gentle parenting community in our Facebook Group. You can also join us on Facebook or Instagram for our latest arrivals and inspiration.

Have a beautiful day and thanks for visiting!

Our Team

Corryn - Founder Corryn - Milk and Love Maternity & Baby

Mum of 3, coffee addict and lover of a good book on a rainy day, Corryn has a tendency to jump into new ideas with a lot of enthusiasm and disregard for to-do lists. 

You'll often find her at Milk and Love with a baby attached, chatting to people and discussing new ideas or discovering new brands. 



Sue - Customer Service 

Sue - Milk and Love Maternity & Baby

Mum of 5 and Nanny to 5 (and counting), Sue spends her spare time hiking with her family, sending care packages to her children and grandchildren (including the most delicious meals), and generally spreading love and support to everyone in her life. 

Sue is often at the Milk and Love shop sending packages out to new Mums & Mums-to-be with special notes and an extra touch of love to help brighten your day. 





Ashley - Customer Service milk-love-team-ashley-19a1903.png

Ashley can be found creating beautiful gifts to send out on your behalf, as well as responding to your emails. She loves listening to some great music and spending time with friends and family.