How do I redeem a Gift Certificate?

Your gift certificate email should include a long code. When you have selected the items you wish to purchase, go through to the checkout page. On the order summary box there is a link for 'Coupon/Gift Certificate'. Enter your code in here and it will be applied to your order. Continue through the checkout as normal and the amount purchased will be deducted from your gift certificate balance. 

I'm looking for this particular eco-friendly or natural mumma thingy. Can you help me find it?

If you are looking for something in particular please let us know at hello@milkandlove.com.au - we are always open to finding new beautiful eco-friendly products for our Milk and Love Mums!

Where do you find your products?

We research eco-friendly and natural maternity, breastfeeding and baby related products that are available on the market and then ask questions about what materials are used, and where the products are made. We also ask about who made the products and what working conditions they were made under. It is incredibly important to us that we stock products that are made sustainably. Taking small steps toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle together, we can leave a better world for our children.

Baby Gifts for Mum and Baby

We specialise in unique and thoughtful gift boxes for Mum and Baby. Do you want to create something special and unique? You can Create Your Own Gift Box with Milk and Love. Just follow the steps:

1. Select "Create Your Gift Box' and choose the ribbon colour, greeting card design and message

2. Select the products you want included in your gift box and add them to your cart

3. Once you're happy with your selection head through the checkout. We will assume that all the products in your order are to go inside the gift box. If you want us to do something different, please add order notes at this stage to let us know

4. Kick back and relax! We'll create your beautiful baby gift for you and send it to your recipient.

Lactation Cookies and Tea

Which products are right for me?

Choosing lactation products is a personal decision and comes down to personal preference and what works for you.  We suggest starting with one of our bundles which allows you to try different brands and types of products – not just cookies!  Try them each separately for a few days and see which ones work for you and that you also enjoy.  

While we have many mums give us very positive feedback, lactation products unfortunately don't work for everyone. If you are worried or concerned about your milk supply we always recommend getting in touch with a lactation consultant as there are many factors that contribute to this.  The Australian & New Zealand Lactation Consultants website has a postcode locator that enables you to find someone close to you.

You can read more about Lactation Tea, Cookies and Mixes on our Blog, Lactation Cookies: Just a trend or actually useful?

How much should I consume?

Start with the recommended amount – usually 1-2 cookies per day and then increase or decrease depending on effectiveness.

How long do lactation products take to work?

Feedback from our customers tells us that you will notice a change reasonably quickly – within a day or two.


Can I use Essentials Oils for my Baby?

The use of essentials oils is recommended only once your baby is 3 months or older.

What Oils should I use?

We recommend using organic essential oils or blends for the best results.

Artificial and synthetic oils are not recommended as while these can have a more potent long lasting smell, they have absolutely no health benefits.

How many drops of Oil should I use?

2-3 drops is effective for a room measuring 25sqm, however, for a larger space you might want to add a few more.

Why can’t I smell the oil for very long or anymore?

Much like you stop smelling your perfume after you’ve been wearing it for a while, you will also become accustomed to oils and may not smell them, however, they are still very much there for you to breathe in, and benefit from, and can last for many hours after it has been diffused. This phenomenon is called Olfactory Fatigue or Olfactory Adaption. It’s also why we don’t notice the smell of our own homes and other people’s homes seem to have their own distinct smell.

How long will it take to work for my family?

As every baby and child (and person) is unique, outcomes will vary. Sometimes it can take a little while for the Aroma Snooze to be effective depending on the particular age or stage of your baby or child. Initially there may even be a setback for a small period of time due to the different light and sound in their sleeping environment; however, they usually become accustomed to this with positive effects.

Of course, like anything, there are many factors that contribute to sleep so if you are at all concerned you should consult with your GP or health practitioner.

Can I use the diffuser function without the light or sound?

Yes! The diffuser, sound and light function all operate independently or together.

Is there a timer for the diffuser?

No, but you can simply put less water in which will cause the light to shut off when empty (but the noise function will continue and will need to be switched off manually).

Do I need to clean my diffuser?

Over time, oil residue can build up inside the diffuser, so it is good to give it a clean every now and the.

  1. Ensure the water well is dry.
  2. Place a couple of drops of your favourite oil on a dry cloth or cotton bud and use it to remove any essential oil residue build up.
  3. Run your diffuser on a complete cycle using only plain water.
  4. We also suggest to regularly clean the inside of the water well with a solution of white vinegar and water for a deep clean. Leave a solution sitting in the base of the water well for 30+ minutes. This again will remove essential oil residue and keep your Lively Living diffuser in its optimum operating state.
  5. Remember, essential oils are potent, so do not leave essential oil residue left sitting in the bottom of the diffuser for extended periods in between uses.

Is the Diffuser and Oils Pet Friendly?

Lively Living's oils are certified organic and the highest quality. Pets benefit from aromatherapy just as babies and young children and adults do.

Diffusing a few drops essential oils (which is diluted in the water of the diffuser), is the safest and gentlest was to experience the benefits of aromatherapy for pets and children and pets love the calming oils in particular.

Please note that common sense should be used however, and allow the pet to leave the room if they choose. I.e. do not have a pet locked up in a laundry with a diffuser going in the laundry too :)

What happens if I overfill my diffuser with water?

The Aroma-Snooze MAX water level line/mark, is half way down inside the water well. It is NOT the line closer to the top where the lids sits on. If you overfill your Aroma-Snooze with excess water, the mist function will not work. Please empty water to below the MAX water level line if you accidentally overfill it.

Common tips if your diffuser stops working or isn't working properly

If your diffuser stops working, there could be multiple reasons why. Try one of these things first to help identify any issues:

  • Check the water level in the unit and ensure that it is not above the max line.
  • Give the diffuser a good clean as per the above instructions and then run it to see if the problem persists.
  • Try plugging your diffuser into a different power outlet and using another power cord. The machine can operate with any standard 24v power cord. This will help determine if there is an issue with the power cord or the base unit.


Buying Clothes online

What size of breastfeeding clothes or maternity wear should I buy?

Our clothes are fairly true to size, with an Australia size 12 being equivalent to a Medium. We always recommend checking your measurements against the sizing guide!

How do I breastfeed in these clothes?

We try to include pictures of the breastfeeding access with all of our clothes, but if there isn't one there should be a description in the product description. All of our breastfeeding tops and dresses are hand selected for easy breastfeeding access. Most of them also include an extra layer of material so that your chest or belly doesn't feel exposed when you're nursing your baby.

You’ve sold out of my size or style - can you get more of this for me?

Most of our eco-friendly clothes are ordered 6 to 12 months in advance to be manufactured to order. This is one of the ways that we keep our sustainable and eco-friendly maternity and breastfeeding clothes affordable! Unfortunately this often means it is difficult to source more of a particular size or colour once it is sold out. Please do contact us, however, at hello@milkandlove.com.au and we can contact other stockists and our supplier to see if there are any more available.

Delivery Time Frames and Tracking

How long will it take to get my beautiful new things?

We know how excited you are to get your gorgeous new things! We ship using a combination of Australia Post and Fastway Couriers to get it to you as quickly as possible. Normally your order is packed and into the post box within 24hours of placing your order, although sometimes it can take a bit longer during sales. You can check the estimated shipping time using the Australia Post Delivery Time Calculator, but we will also send you a tracking number as soon as it is packed. All orders are shipped from postcode 4064. Please check out our shipping policy here.

What are your shipping and returns policies?

You can find all of our current delivery information here and returns and exchanges policies here

Can I track my delivery?

Yes absolutely! Once your order is packed and ready to go you will receive an email advising of the tracking number for this order. This will not become live on the Australia Website straight away but usually becomes active overnight.

My tracking number has no activity?

Sometimes Australia Post doesn't scan the tracking number until delivery. This happens because they are working hard to get your parcel to you as quickly as possible. We send you a shipping confirmation on the day we take it to Australia Post, so you can estimate your delivery from that notification. Sometimes you can call Australia Post and they may have more information on where your parcel is than the website.

Shopping with Milk and Love

How can I find the terms and conditions of using the Milk and Love website?

You can find all of our terms and conditions here

I'm not getting your emails? How can I join the Milk and Love Mum Community?

We love our Milk and Love Mum community! We send out information about gorgeous new arrivals, members-only special offers and sales info to our Milk and Love Mums first. You can join thousands of Milk and Love Mums and be inspired by joining us now :)

You can also join us on Facebook and Instagram :)

Do you have a loyalty program?

Yes! We love our regular customers, and have a Milk & Love Insiders Program to reward you with special offers, exclusive pre-order events and hearts every time you shop with us.  Find out more about our insiders program here.

Can I use more than one coupon with my order?

Sorry, but our system only allows you to enter one coupon code and will take the last coupon code entered. If you're having any troubles please contact us!

How do I use my coupon code?

Login and go to the left hand bottom corner and click on M&L Insiders.  You can see what rewards are available in the pop up box and then click on the pink box/get reward.  Select Yes to Redeem then copy the code to your clipboard. Once you have got everything in your cart, go to card and 'check out now'.  On the Right Hand Side there is a blue link 'coupon/gift certificate.  Click on this and paste your code in here and then press Apply.  This will reduce your total. 

If too much time has lapsed between copying the code and using it you will need to go in and redeem it again to access a new code. Don’t worry, your reward won’t disappear until it has been redeemed.

Wholesale Enquiries

I love your products, how do I become a stockist?

Please email us at hello@milkandlove.com.au to find out more.

I have a question that isn't on this page!

Please contact us at hello@milkandlove.com.au for one of our friendly team members to help you out :) We'd love to hear from you!