Positive Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation Cards - Set of 25, sustainably printed in Australia

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Pregnancy and birth affirmation cards will help you to maintain a calm positive mindset through your pregnancy and birth. These pregnancy and birth affirmation cards are designed to help reduce anxiety and stress, and focus on your positive pregnancy and birth journey.

The stories we tell ourselves with our words and thoughts have a huge impact on delicate hormones and feelings during this sensitive time of early motherhood, and this can have an impact on birth outcomes. Often we find people around us like to share negative stories and their own trauma, which can make it hard to maintain your positive mindset.

Features of Milk and Love pregnancy and birth affirmation cards

  • Designed and printed in Australia.

  • Environmentally friendly cards, sustainably printed on recycled card stock with eco friendly ink.

  • Includes small wooden stand for you to display your chosen card on every day.

  • Stylish and modern card designs in a calming colour palette.

  • Packaged in eco-friendly calico bag you can store your cards in.

  • A6 size cards with rounded edges.

  • Perfect pregnancy gift, to support her through this time of her life.

  • Comprehensive set of 25 positive affirmation cards for birth and pregnancy.

This beautiful pack of 25 affirmation cards includes messages for your pregnancy journey as well as positive birth quotes for your birth affirmation cards. We recommend going through the messages and select the positive birth affirmation cards that speak to you as part of your birthing preparations and pack them in your birthing kit to assist with your calm birthing and the safe and peaceful delivery of your baby. These are designed to empower women to maintain focus and reduce fear.

How do I use pregnancy affirmation cards?

Once you have selected and removed your positive birth affirmation card or cards, you can use the remaining positive pregnancy affirmation cards either by selecting the card that is the most meaningful to you on the day, or leave it up to the universe and select one at random.

Place your positive pregnancy affirmation card somewhere visible to remind yourself throughout the day as part of your positive daily mindfulness practice.

How do I use positive birth affirmation cards?

Choose the positive birthing quotes from the pack that speak to you to create your own birth affirmation card deck as part of your birthing preparations. Display your positive birth affirmation cards around your birth space and read them through your labour to help reduce anxiety.

What is included in these pregnancy and birth affirmation cards?

  • I am stronger than I know

  • I love being pregnanct and cherish the wonder of feeling my baby inside me

  • I trust my instincts

  • I am breathing in strength & light, I am breathing out tension and fear

  • I will make the best choices for myself and my baby. I know my baby and my body best

  • My Baby and I are surrounded by positivity and love

  • I am a Badass. I can do this

  • Actually... I can do hard things

  • I choose to nourish myself & my baby with healthy food, positive thoughts and love

  • I let go of discomfort, I let go of worry, tension and fear. I am focused on joy and love

  • Breathe, Soften, Open

  • I protect myself and my baby by allowing only positive thoughts and words about pregnancy and childbirth

  • I am filled with and surrounded by love

  • I am confident I can handle anything

  • I am growing a person. I am incredible and beautiful

  • I will surrender to the process, my body knows what to do. Breathe and relax.

  • I trust in my body's ability to grow and birth my baby

  • I am grateful for my blessings

  • I cherish and celebrate the gift of pregnancy, life and motherhood

  • I am a powerful and strong Woman

  • I listen to my body and my baby and prioritise my self care

  • Women all over the world are giving birth. I was made for this

  • Let go of worry, enjoy the moment

  • My baby will arrive at the perfect time

  • Every surge brings my baby closer to my arms.

These birth and pregnancy affirmation cards are a beautiful way to support yourself or someone else through their pregnancy and birth journey, making them the perfect gift.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are positive affirmations for my pregnancy?

Positive pregnancy affirmations are a good way to maintain focus on your positive mindfulness practice to help reduce anxiety and increase your self belief. Pregnancy and birth is an incredibly sensitive time in a womans life, when she needs more support and inner strength to help her through the journey and to maintain a calm awareness of herself and what is happening around her.

Some of our favourite pregnancy affirmation cards include:

  • I protect myself and my baby by allowing only positive thoughts and words about pregnancy and childbirth

  • I am filled with and surrounded by love

  • I am confident I can handle anything

  • I am growing a person. I am incredible and beautiful

Do pregnancy affirmations work?

In short, yes! The practice of positive affirmations is based on widely accepted and well-established psychological theory. One of the key psychological theories supporting this is 'self-affirmation theory', meaning that we can maintain our sense of self by re-affirming those beliefs in positive ways.

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • increase your motivation to look after yourself both physically and mentally

  • increased sense of self can help insulate us from negative messages from others

Over time, repeating positive phrases can reshape how you think and feel about yourself by creating neural pathways that you are more likely to repeat. When you choose to focus on affirmations that reflect your self belief it can help you feel calmer and more aligned.

We may think of pregnancy as being full of beautiful happy emotions, but often women are worried about labour complications or trying to have the best birth. Positive birth affirmation cards can help to maintain calm awareness of our birth outcomes and goals, even when things are going the way we might have planned.

What are positive birth affirmation cards for labour?

Positive birth affirmation cards cards are commonly used by women across the world to help them focus on positive messages and intentions during labour. You may have heard of them during your antenatal education program.

Your affirmation card deck is a positive way for your birth partner to get involved and help prepare for your birthing day. Your birth partner can make sure the cards you want are displayed and ready for you and select a positive, birth affirmation card deck for you to read in between contractions.

What makes Milk and Love affirmation cards unique?

All of our milestone cards and affirmation cards are designed and printed right here in Australia, on recycled sustainable card stock. Our ethical printing partner considers the environment from start to finish, from eco friendly sustainable ink through to plastic-free packaging.

When you buy Milk and Love pregnancy and birth affirmation cards you're supporting small business, both us and our printing partner, as well as choosing an environmentally conscious product.

Why should I consider Milk and Love pregnancy and birth affirmation cards?

Featuring stylish and modern designs, our pregnancy and birth affirmation cards give you an eco-friendly alternative to traditional affirmation cards. We also offer express delivery and ship from our Brisbane warehouse if you need it fast.

What factors should I consider when choosing pregnancy and birth affirmation cards?

As with all purchases, it is not only important to choose a style that suits you, but also consider the impact of the item on the world from start to finish to understand how sustainable and eco friendly it is. You should consider:

  • whether the materials used are natural materials that can be recycled, reused, or composted at the end of its life.

  • the packaging and how much plastic is involved, and

  • where the product is made to understand whether it was manufactured in a sustainable way, and avoiding issues such ase modern slavery.