Pregnancy Milestone Cards - Set of 25, sustainably printed in Australia

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Celebrating every stage and special moment with pregnancy milestone cards is a beautiful way to treasure your pregnancy journey as you wait for your baby's arrival. Pregnancy milestone cards help you document your bump growth and important milestones through your 9 months of pregnancy so you can share with your friends and family and create a beautiful photo album that tells your story.

Pregnancy milestone cards make a perfect gift for an expectant mother and partner. Beautifully presented in a calico bag, these high quality cards are sustainably printed in Australia.

Features of Milk and Love Pregnancy Milestone Cards

  • Designed and printed in Australia through a small business.

  • Environmentally friendly cards, sustainably printed on recycled card stock with eco friendly ink.

  • Stylish and modern designs that are reversible, so you get 2 sets in one.

  • Packaged in eco-friendly calico bag you can store your cards in.

  • A6 size cards with rounded edges.

  • Gender neutral green colour palette makes this a perfect gift for pregnancy.

  • Comprehensive set of 25, including pregnancy announcement.

These pregnancy milestone cards boast a striking neutral design with green hues inspired by the nature, serving as an ideal photo prop to encapsulate your memorable moments, from the first time you hear a heartbeat to the arrival of your little baby. The comprehensive set is great quality and includes a pregnancy announcement and documents every second week from week 10 to week 38, ensuring you can celebrate every milestone.

What comes in this pregnancy milestone cards set of 25

  • We're having a baby

  • I heard your heartbeat for the first time

  • Today is our baby shower

  • Strangest pregnancy craving

  • I can feel you moving

  • Excited to meet you

  • Love you forever

  • 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38 weeks

  • Due today

  • Still waiting...

  • Hello little one

These pregnancy milestone cards are not only beautiful but also a sustainable and stylish way to capture and remember favourite moments of being pregnant, making them the perfect gift for anyone expecting a baby.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are pregnancy milestones cards for?

Pregnancy milestones cards are a wonderful way to capture all of the special memories and milestones in your pregnancy - from your pregnancy announcement to your due date (and even the wait afterwards)! These pregnancy milestone cards cards make it easy to record and remember these important moments in a fun way while you count down the weeks for your new baby boy or girl. We encourage you to add your personal touch with various photo props to show the key highlights of your important milestones.

These gender neutral green tones are gorgeous and great quality and make a lovely pregnancy gift, whether they're expecting a baby boy or a girl!

What do you do with pregnancy milestone cards?

Capture those special occasions with pregnancy milestone cards and tell the story of your daughter or son from pregnancy announcement through to their arrival into the world. Simply place the card next to your bump and take a picture to document the growth and milestones while you wait for your baby's arrival.

If you already have a child, it can be super cute to include them in your pictures as they look forward to becoming a big sister or brother! It is a lot of fun to document the weeks together and your daughter or son will absolutely love celebrating each date in this fun way as you count down to your baby due date.

What makes Milk and Love pregnancy milestone cards unique?

All of our milestone cards and affirmation cards are designed and printed right here in Australia, on recycled sustainable card stock. Our ethical printing partner considers the environment from start to finish, from eco friendly sustainable ink through to plastic-free packaging.

When you buy Milk and Love pregnancy milestone cards you're supporting small business, both us and our printing partner, as well as choosing an environmentally conscious product.

Why should I consider Milk and Love Pregnancy Milestone Cards?

Featuring stylish and modern designs, with reversible option, you're getting 2 packs in one! Most importantly, our pregnancy milestone cards give you an eco-friendly alternative to traditional milestone cards, perfect for capturing your pregnancy journey from bump to the arrival of your baby - hello world!

We also offer express delivery and ship from our Brisbane warehouse if you need it fast.

What factors should I consider when choosing pregnancy milestone cards?

As with all purchases, it is not only important to choose a style that suits you, but also consider the impact of the item on the world from start to finish to understand how sustainable and eco friendly it is. You should consider:

  • whether the materials used are natural materials that can be recycled, reused, or composted at the end of its life.

  • the packaging and how much plastic is involved, and

  • where the product is made to understand whether it was manufactured in a sustainable way, and avoiding issues such ase modern slavery.