What are Pelvic Floor Exercises and Kegels?

What are Pelvic Floor Exercises and Kegels?

Posted by Dahlas Fletcher on Apr 19, 2019

You've heard about pelvic floor exercises for pregnant women, but what are they and why are they so important? I chat to Dahlas Fletcher from Body Fabulous to find out more about these core muscles and what we can do to strengthen them during pregnancy and early motherhood.

About the author Dahlas Fletcher, Personal Trainer Headshot

Dahlas Fletcher is Mum of 3 and personal training professional, with years of experience working with Pregnant and Post Partum Mums exercising safely and effectively. Dahlas is passionate about healthy living and working out how to incorporate fitness into Mums busy lifestyles (without the guilt!). Read more about  Dahlas here.

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