Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women - A Guide to Gifts She'll Love

Gift Ideas for Pregnant Women - A Guide to Gifts She'll Love

Posted by Milk and Love team on Oct 03, 2023

ooking for thoughtful gift ideas for a special pregnant woman? We've asked our Milk and Love Mums what they love best during pregnancy and put together the items that made them feel special or loved at each stage of their pregnancy. 

Gifts Ideas for the Different Stages of Pregnancy

We've sorted all of the bestselling gifts out by stages of pregnancy, because some are most useful in the earlier or later stages of pregnancy and can make a real difference to how she is feeling! 

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Not sure what the stages are? We've got you covered:

What are pregnancy trimesters?

First Trimester: The first 3 months or up to 12 weeks of pregnancy is referred to as the first Trimester, 

Second Trimester: The second 3 months (weeks 13 to 27) are called the Second Trimester, 

Third Trimester: The final months of pregnancy (weeks 28 to 40) are called the Third Trimester.

At each of these stages a pregnant woman is experiencing different things and so having gifts specific to her stage of pregnancy are the most useful and thoughtful. Not sure where she is up to? Ask her how many weeks along she is and use that to work out which gifts will be the most useful for her.

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Gift Ideas for the First Trimester of Pregnancy (Up to Week 12)

First Trimester Pregnancy Gift hamper for mum to be

In the First Trimester she is likely to be experiencing some nausea and feeling tired. It is also an exciting time as the expecting parents start to think about what life with a baby will be like! 

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Here are our favourite gifts for this stage:

  1. Pregnancy Superfoods - designed to help settle the stomach and support her body as she starts growing a person, these specialty pregnancy superfoods can make a big difference to how she is feeling. We especially recommend the Morning Wellness Tea to help with nausea in these early stages!
  2. Pregnancy Journals - Keep track of thoughts and dreams for baby, along with memorable moments of the pregnancy in a gorgeous keepsake book. 
  3. Affirmation Cards for Pregnancy and Birth - it is a sad fact that throughout her pregnancy journey, she is likely to encounter negative stories and experiences that other people seem to need to share! We love this set of Affirmation Cards for Pregnancy & Birth to help maintain a positive mindset and counter the scaremongering in our culture around pregnancy and birthing.

Gift Ideas for the Second Trimester of Pregnancy (Weeks 13 to 27)

Second Trimester Pregnancy

As the nausea starts to ease and she gets some more energy back, this exciting stage is often when new parents will share the news and start to plan for their new arrival! Her belly will start to grow and show now and things start to seem more 'real'!

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  1. Pregnancy Superfoods - these continue to be helpful in providing support her body as she starts growing a person, these tea and cookies can make a big difference to how she is feeling. We especially recommend the Pregnancy Tea for a supportive blend through the second and third trimesters.
  2. Pregnancy Bath Salts - the ultimate relaxation gift for a pregnant mama! This blend includes herbs to help with deep relaxation during pregnancy as well as nourishing magnesium and Himalayan pink salt to help with soothing aches and pains as she carries the extra weight of a growing babe!
  3. Stretch Mark Oil - in this stage her belly starts to grow, and with a growing belly her skin starts to stretch! This can cause an itchy feeling and stretch marks can develop. Good quality stretch mark oil is great to rub in every day to help with this, and a belly butter can help with deep nourishing on a weekly basis, or as needed.
  4. Something for baby! Everything starts to feel a lot more "real" at this stage, and something for baby can be sweet to include. 

Gift Ideas for the Third Trimester of Pregnancy (Weeks 28 to 40)

Third Trimester Pregnancy Gift Hamper for Mum to be

At this stage the new parents start really gearing up to welcome their new arrival and to prepare for the birth. Thoughtful gifts at this stage include good quality products to help with preparing for birth and for the newborn baby! Including some breastfeeding related products can also be helpful at this stage to be used immediately after birth.

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  1. Raspberry Leaf Tea - designed to be taken after week 32, this herb is known to reduce the intensity and length of labour and also to help with recovery after birth. 
  2. Breastfeeding Tea and Cookies - these are great to pack in the hospital bag in case she wants a snack during her hospital stay and to help support breastfeeding.
  3. Birth Preparation and New Mum Survival Kits - all of the bestselling products she will need for her hospital bag for birth, and in the early days at home.
  4. Natural Nipple Cream - breastfeeding can be a painful business, especially in the early days as baby and mum are learning this new skill together. A gentle nipple balm can help ease sore nipples.
  5. Gift for Baby - not long now! Get something beautiful for the new baby. You can choose from baby girl gift boxesbaby boy gift boxes or unisex baby gift boxes.
  6. Finally, we love these merino wool socks for toddlers - are a super cute gift that baby can wear for years for snuggling into at bedtime. Super soft and so cosy!

Whew! That's it! I hope you found it useful. Is there something else you'd love to see? Let us know in the comments below.

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