Affirmation Cards for a New Mum - Mama Goddess

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Uplift your mindset, and remind yourself of what is important with this gorgeous set of Positive Affirmation Cards for Motherhood. This beautifully illustrated set of 30 cards includes a wooden easel to display your daily affirmation. 

Motherhood is an incredible time of transition, and New Mums are often beset with worries and may feel self conscious or guilty that they're not 'doing it right'. Using Positive Affirmations are an effective way of reminding yourself to be aware of your mindset and perception. They can help with replacing negative self talk with positive reminders.

Affirmation Card Features

  • 30 beautifully illustrated affirmation cards to support you through motherhood
  • Includes wooden easel to display your chosen card
  • Gold foil box to store your cards when not in use

Each day choose a card, read & repeat the affirmation and release the confident, calm, empowered Mama Goddess within.

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Why we LOVE Project Goddess Affirmation Cards

Pregnancy and birth can be scary and overwhelming. You can receive so many negative, fear based messages from friends and family and even health professionals. We love using these Positive Affirmation Cards as a simple but effective way to help empower and strengthen yourself through this beautiful journey, and to help you focus on the positive and wonderous miracle that is growing inside your belly!

These beautiful affirmations were created in collaboration with Ashleigh Brown, Pre & Post Natal Exercise Specialist from The Fit Mama & Shari Lyon, Hypnobirthing coach from Belly2Birth.