Ten Little Owls Bedtime Counting Board Book

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Read this delightful bed time counting book to your baby or toddler and find out what Australian Animals get up to as the sun goes down.  

The cutest little animals come out to play - running, hopping, swimming, eating and playing from dusk to dawn until it is time for them to return to their own beds. 

Beautiful black and white illustrations on a background of soothing colours fill the pages. Explore the clever details on each page and turn it into a bedtime game of 'spot the moon' or 'count the stars'.

  • Board Book
  • Baby animals inside: Wombat, Mice, Quolls, Devils, Gliders, Fur Seals, Fruit Bats, Penguins, Dingos, Owl
  • 15.9cm x 15.8cm x1.7cm
  • 24 pages (including cover)

This classic Australian Book is a lovely addition to every baby's first library and makes a thoughtful baby gift.  

About the Author

Renee Treml was inspired by Australia's wildlife and native birds after moving from the USA to Brisbane in 2007. Renee loves to create artworks that highlight the subtle details of nature with delicacy and humour. Renee creates limited edition prints for design markets and online retailers and her work is becoming well known in the Australian art and design world.