Free Printable Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Free Printable Baby Shower Games Everyone Will Enjoy

Posted by Corryn Barakat on Jul 29, 2022

If you're organising a baby shower there is SO MUCH TO DO! We've put together these Free Printable Baby Shower Games and Baby Wishes to make life a little easier for you. They are all games your guests will love to play with stylish fonts and designs to make you look good!

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

This file includes the most popular baby shower games and new baby wishes for guests to share with the parents in one printable baby shower games file. You can print the pages you need, enough for one for each guest, and you're all sorted!

Depending on the parents and the baby shower party plan, you might choose to just do one game, or all 5 included games! Don't miss our list of Baby Shower Games for other ideas of games you might want to organise as well as the printable baby shower games.

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What to print on?

We recommend printing the baby bucket list and baby wishes onto card stock that the new parents can keep as part of their pregnancy keepsake journal. The games can be printed onto paper, and if you want a professional finish, we recommend printing them on a high quality printer, in colour without boarders. Alternatively you could get them printed at a professional printer, or officeworks.

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What's included in this file of Printable Baby Shower Games?

1. Baby Bucket List

The first item is a baby bucket list that you can provide to every guest upon arrival, or with their invitations so they have some time to think about it. The idea is for the guests to compile a list of activities for the new parents to do with baby in the first year. It might be suggestions of places to go, or photos to take, or things to celebrate. 

At the end of the baby shower these can be compiled into a beautiful keepsake of ideas to keep the new parents inspired during the first 12 months after baby arries.

2. Wishes for You

These cards are designed for guests to fill in with advice and wisdom for the new parents. It is a beautiful way to include friends and family in the celebration and planning for new baby to arrive and if the new parents are lucky, they'll end up with a heap of useful and down to earth wisdom from those they love from their baby shower.

3. Baby Charades

This is a spin off on the hugely popular charades, where guests are randomly given a topic or name and they have to mime or act out what the topic is while the rest of the guests guess the answer. This can be a great way to have a laugh and warm up the party!

4. Word Scramble

We have included 10 common baby words, scrambled (along with an answer sheet for the organiser!). You'll need to print one for each guest.

Hand them out along with a pen. Your Baby Shower Guests have to unscramble the words - the first person to correctly unscramble all 10 words wins!

5. How Long?

This is a game of knowledge that is good to play around a table. You'll need to print one for each guest and provide a pen or pencil. There is also an answer sheet provided for the organiser.

Hand them all out, and your guests have to match the animals with the gestation period, or how long each pregnancy lasts. The first person to correctly match them all wins.

6. What are they?

This game has a list of 10 animals, along with the baby names for each animal. Similar to the How Long? game, guests have to match the animal to the baby name, so you'll need to print one for each guest, along with a pen or pencil. There is also an answer sheet provided for the organiser.

The first guest to correctly match all the animals to their baby name wins!

7. Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Who remembers how the nursery rhymes go? We've provided four popular nursery rhymes, but only part of them! You'll need to print one for each guest, along with a pen or pencil. 

The first guest to complete each nursery rhyme correctly wins! There is also an answer sheet provided for the organiser.

That's it! We'd love to hear what you think and if there are other printables you'd like us to develop, just leave a comment below.