Silicone Breastfeeding Necklace for Mum - Candy Pink

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Love a splash of bold colour? This bright necklace is made for you! Perfect if you want to add a burst of colour to your outfit, or do some bold colour matching. The candy pink colour palette is guaranteed to boost your mood.

If you have an active bub a breastfeeding necklace can be a wonderful way to keep them engaged while they're nursing, helping them to nurse for longer (and keeping twiddling fingers busy!). They are made with non-toxic food safe silicone beads, so you know there is nothing harmful if it goes in the mouth for a chew.

Please be aware that this is a Silicone Necklace for Mum - it is not a toy and should never be left unattended with baby.

Silicone Nursing Necklace Features

  • Made with easy to clean 100% food grade silicone beads and nylon cord
  • Features breakaway clasp so if a little someone pulls on your necklace it will break open easily
  • Adjustable length - if you want to shorten your necklace simply pull the cord through the clasp on both sides, knot them at the right length and cut off the excess.
  • This silicone nursing necklace is hand made in Brisbane for Mums.

Silicone is a readily available and has a long lifespan. The food grade silicone is inert and doesn't leech the way that plastic does, so it is a great option for durable long lasting products. When you need to dispose of silicone products you do need to look for specialty recycling options in your area. We have chosen to make these necklaces with nylon cord for it's durability, resistance to mould and easy cleaning properties. 

Why we love these Nursing Necklaces

Milk & Love Nursing Necklaces are designed and hand made in Brisbane to help breastfeeding mothers keep their babies engaged at the breast for longer, and to keep twiddling fingers busy. We love the designs and believe that a good quality nursing necklace is one that you will love to wear while breastfeeding, and beyond!