This is Breastfeeding | Celebrating All Forms of Breastfeeding for World Breastfeeding Week 2017

This is Breastfeeding | Celebrating All Forms of Breastfeeding for World Breastfeeding Week 2017

Posted by Corryn Barakat on 30th Jul 2017

This year for World Breastfeeding Week, Milk and Love is launching a project to celebrate breastfeeding in all its forms. Whether you are breastfeeding one child or four, whether you use an SNS or mix feed, whether you use a nipple shield or bottles, whether you tandem feed or you've relactated, whether your child has down syndrome or sensory issues, whether you've battled through mastitis or tongue tie, reflux or blocked ducts, whatever your breastfeeding journey has looked like, we want to see it. 

We want to overturn the stereotyped breastfeeding images we've seen in the media and share REAL, AUTHENTIC images and stories and we need YOUR help!

Be Part of #ThisIsBreastfeeding and help us normalise all forms of breastfeeding 

To be included on our blog and social media as part of this project, please send your breastfeeding pictures to  

If you would like to be tagged please include your handle or link. If you would like to share some background to your image please include your story. For long stories we will post as a separate blog. We will be posting images to Instagram, Facebook and in a gallery on this blog throughout the month of August with the hashtag #thisisbreastfeeding 

To be included in our Instagram feed you can simply tag @milkandloveaus and use the hashtag #thisisbreastfeeding and we will endeavor to share as many pictures as possible.

Please Note: By submitting images and your story or using the hashtag #thisisbreastfeeding and @milkandloveaus to participate in this project, you are providing permission to Milk & Love to share your images and story through various social media platforms, the Milk & Love website and and any other channels that form part of promoting and sharing this project. We respect your right to privacy, and will not reference the persons shown in any images (other than a first name) if you request your identity to remain anonymous.

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Check out some of the beautiful images below: