Natural Baby Toys

The best baby toys are made with natural fabrics and non toxic wood that are safe to go in baby's mouth. The team at Milk and Love has curated a beautiful range of high quality eco toys for baby by our favourite Australian Brand for newborn babies, PureBaby. Whether you want a classic wooden baby toy, a baby rattle, or a soft plush toy you can find it here at Milk and Love. We also have a selected range of safe teething toys for baby once they reach 3 to 4 months of age.

Why choose Natural Baby Toys

Baby toy have a tendancy to go in the mouth as baby explores with touch and taste in the early years. Toys made with plastic or synthetic fibers tend to leech chemicals or worse, microfibers that can be swallowed by baby as they suck or chew on their toys.

A lot of baby toys come from overseas and have very little information available about what they are made with and how they are made. Choosing eco friendly natural baby toys by a reputable Australian brand is one way to ensure your baby toys are safe for your children.

What are the Best Baby Toys Australia?

The best baby toys in Australia are natural and non toxic toys that comply with Australian Toy safety Standards. Ensure that the brand you are buying from is a reputable and trusted company that has tested the toys in Australia. Many smaller businesses may buy 'natural' toys from Chinese factories that come with safety certificates that may not be valid.

You might not be aware, but there are often recalls on wooden toys and silicone from smaller brands that have not performed safety checks themselves, but who have relied on the manufacturer's certification (e.g. wooden toy recall), which is why we only stock natural baby toys from PureBaby.

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