Organic Soft Animal Toy for Baby - Colourful Cat

Under The Nile

Was: $29.00
Now: $19.00

This colourful, quirky Baby Soft Toy Cat comes with it's own unique personality. Made with organic cotton left over from clothing production, these cats are made with premium certified Egyptian organic materials, but they are each unique to each production. Which one will be perfect to join your family?

They make a beautiful baby shower gift as the Scrappy Cats are all eco friendly and safe for baby. They also help to minimise waste, made with 100% Egyptian Organic Cotton that is free from toxic nasties and safe for baby to cuddle and suck on. 

  • Measures 25cm tall
  • Slim body design that is easy to hold.
  • Range of colours and patterns to choose from

Why we love Under the Nile

Under the Nile was created by Janice Masoud over 20 years ago when she couldn't find clothing that didn't irritate her baby's skin. With a background in fashion design and production, it was equally important to Janice that her company should make products sustainably and ethically and to have a positive impact on the world. Under the Nile's philosophy is to enrich the planet and the lives of everyone involved with our business, from “cotton to customer”.

The team here at Milk and Love loves the beautifully design products, and the creative toys and extras that Under the Nile create, like the Scrappy toys that utilise left over Egyptian Organic Cotton scraps to help minimise waste. With all of the fantastic projects that Under the Nile support, this is truly a brand that we love to buy from to help make the world a better place.

Under the Nile are the only baby clothing company in the WORLD to have the Gold Seal of Egyptian Cotton, and have always exclusively used 100% authentic Egyptian cotton for our products. Only 1% of the entire world's cotton is true Egyptian cotton. The Egyptian cotton seed combined with Egypt's climate, produces cotton with extra long fibres, making it uniquely soft, durable and premium quality. Under the Nile's cotton fibres underwent complete DNA testing to obtain this seal.

Key Eco Friendly Facts:

  • 100% Egyptian Organic Cotton.
  • GOTS certified
  • Made at fair trade farm in Egypt.
  • Absolutely no AZO colorants, BPA, flame-retardants, formaldehyde, fragrance, PVC or lead.