Zen Beech Wooden Nursing Necklace

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Stay calm mama! This gorgeous wooden nursing necklace is designed to remind you to center and ground yourself when things seem out of control. Take a deep breath and feel your connection to the earth when you touch the beads to help retain some mindfulness in your busy day. If you have an active bub a breastfeeding necklace can be a wonderful way to keep them engaged while they're nursing, helping them to nurse for longer (and keeping twiddling fingers busy!).

These handmade natural nursing necklaces are designed for mums who love the simplicity of timber and neutral colours. Handmade with natural beech wood beads that are sourced from a sustainable plantation, and certified non-toxic. The super soft cord is 100% organic cotton, and can be tied at any length you prefer.

Please note that these necklaces are NOT TOYS and are not designed to be left with your baby.

Why we love Serenity Nursing Necklaces

Serenity Nursing Necklaces have been designed and hand made in Brisbane to help breastfeeding mothers keep their babies engaged at the breast for longer. We love the designs and believe that a good quality nursing necklace is one that you will love to wear while breastfeeding, and beyond!

Please note these wooden beads are not 'finished' with sealant. You may rub them with a little oil (olive oil, coconut, rapeseed, or beeswax/olive oil blend) to help them last longer, or to create a warmer, glossier finish.