Yoga Cards - Set of 52 Yoga Cards


Can't find the time to get to a yoga class? This comprehensive pocket guide for beginner yoga students and teachers helps bring the calm and mindfulness of yoga to you. Great for busy Mums who want to continue their yogic practice and learning.

Each card provides detailed information to help guide you through the physical & metaphysical properties of each pose. You can use the cards to sequence a class or as a learning guide to enrich your knowledge of each pose.  

The deck includes 52 cards: 11 wisdom cards to help introduce fundamental yoga philosophies (including 7 chakra cards), 35 poses that are organised into categories to assist with sequencing, 3 pranayamas & 3 meditations. 

When using the cards you’ll learn:

  • Fundamental yoga concepts (bandhas, prana, chakras etc.)
  • How to cue the pose & the correct muscle activation
  • Complementary & counter poses
  • Correct alignment & variations for different levels
  • The sanskrit name & translation
  • Background / mythology
  • Chakra & meridian information
  • Visualisations, reflections & affirmations

The cards are made of thick quality card stock with a matt laminate finish to enhance their durability and protect them from damage. They are packaged in a hard cover magnetic box for safe & easy transportation. The card dimensions are 105 x 148 mm (A6 size).