Wooden Bamboo Building Block Set - 40 pcs

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Versatile building blocks in sustainable bamboo. Your child can play with this set as they learn stacking, rolling, size sorting, counting, and balancing or construction.

The blocks are made from natural treated bamboo. As a natural material the bamboo will weather and change colour over time, making it more unique. 

This set includes 40 pieces of bamboo and acacia wood including 2 houses in a calico bag

Why we love QToys

Q Toys is a brand founded in play based learning. Founded by Dr. Quan Nguyen and Cathy Dang, M.Ed. who wanted to create open ended play based toys. "A child with imagination is as free a spirit as is a seagull. Children’s imagination is powerful. Like the wings of a seagull, imagination can bring the child to seashores beyond your imagination! But as a parent, you should not worry. Children learn through imagination. Nurturing your child’s imagination helps your child to learn. Learning is like the sun rays shining on your child’s world and brightening their future. Q Toys aims to help you nurture your child’s imagination."

Q Toys are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen. Q Toys do not employ and exploit unskilled labor in production lines in poorly equipped factories as sometimes reported in the plastic toy industry. Q Toys ensure highly skilled workers get a fair deal. Q Toys also train disabled children in Mekong Delta in Vietnam who want to become craftsmen or craftswomen for life.

Q Toys also actively works to reduce global warming, primarily by working with plantation timber, including rubber and acacia trees with the belief that choosing wooden eco toys we are saving natural forests and encouraging the planting of more trees.