Topless Nursing Tank - White

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Many of our customers told us that they want to wear their existing tops, but want something to cover their midriff when they lift their top up. The age old solution has been to add a breastfeeding singlet underneath, however for many women the breastfeeding singlet doesn't provide enough support through the bust area and adds extra bulk. Especially for larger busted women, a nursing bra is a must. 

So we put our heads together with our wonderful dressmaker, Monica (who also happens to be an ABA counselor and mum of 2 herself!), and designed something different....

Our Solution: A Topless Nursing Tank!

Our original samples have had great feedback about the design:

"I can see how it really opens up your wardrobe again. I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in a year! I should have gone for a smaller size though (less bulk under clothing), it's no where near as hot as I thought it would be. It's actually very comfortable"

"I was pleased to be able to go shopping without having to be overly concerned about boob access. It's hard enough finding nice plus size clothing, without also having said clothing fit the bill of being breastfeeding friendly. In winter having another layer would provide warmth but would also be flattering/smoothing. Having another top pulled up creates a more discreet breastfeeding experience without having to cover up."

Lightweight Fabric

As they are designed to be worn underneath another top we chose to use a very lightweight, sheer bamboo/cotton or bamboo/spandex fabric to make them suitable to wear through summer as well. The original samples were made with a thicker fabric that we changed after receiving initial customer feedback. 


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