Ruffle Wrap - Breastfeeding Cover

Mani Designs

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This special occasion wrap is perfect for weddings, christenings, formal parties, Christmas and New Year. The Ruffle Wrap allows breastfeeding mums the flexibility of wearing their pretty strapless, wrap, and halter party dresses to all of their special events only now with the addition of a beautiful three-ruffle wrap to the outfit. Made from a quality polyester satin, the Ruffle Wrap is smooth and silky to the touch, with many mums choosing to wear this particular style long after they’ve finished breastfeeding!

There is no reason to leave the party with this unique accessory on hand. If baby is ready to feed, the Ruffle Wrap offers nursing mothers complete confidence and comfort regardless of the formality of any given situation. This beautiful garment can assist in protecting your dress from those inevitable wet spots and leaks, whilst also keeping you warm on chilly evenings... And don’t forget, all of the styles in the Mani Designs range are 100% machine washable, even this one!

A buttoned feeding gap allows mum the flexibility to wear this garment regardless whether your baby is feeding or not.

Try first using your Ruffle Wrap in the privacy of your own home. This will help breastfeeding become comfortable and effortless when using the Ruffle Wrap in public.

Step-by-step instructions for using your Ruffle Wrap:

  1. If not already wearing your Ruffle Wrap, simply remove it from its purse and wrap around yourself as you would a shawl.
  2. Unhook your bra and discreetly expose your breast under the wrap.
  3. Ensure the feeding gap section of your Ruffle Wrap is unbuttoned.
  4. When ready to feed, position baby comfortably and lift the top layer of your Ruffle Wrap to reveal your breast to baby. The top layer can be draped over baby gently, just as a wrap would be. Try this step a few different ways to determine what is most comfortable for you and your baby.
  5. Once baby is finished nursing, simply lower the top layer of your Ruffle Wrap and re-adjust your bra and dress underneath.

Material: The Ruffle Wrap is made of a quality satin polyester with button detail. It is machine washable; however we recommend you do not tumble dry it. This may result in shrinkage (on high temperatures). Your Ruffle Wrap can be ironed on a cool/low setting.

Mani Designs is an innovative, affordable range of Australian Designed Breastfeeding Covers owned and managed in Brisbane, Australia. Designs available include the Cafe Cover, Shoulder Shrug and Ruffle Wrap. Exclusive to Milk and Love.