New Mum Affirmation Cards [set of 25]


Positive affirmations can help to boost your mood when you're having a bad day, they can help to subconsciously train your mind to feel more positive and they can remind you of things you're trying to change when you're going through a transition in your life.

New mums often feel isolated and overwhelmed. Between sleep deprivation and a gorgeous new bundle to look after and nurture it is easy to get completely run down and end up in a negative spiral of self talk.

This gorgeous set of 25 unique positive affirmation cards are designed to help give you a boost when you need it. Choose whichever affirmations resonate with you in the stage that you're at and put them up somewhere around the house where you'll notice them. You can read them to yourself when you see them and change them as often as you want.

Each card is 10 cm x 10 cm printed on high quality, sustainably sourced card stock. 

Some of our Positive Affirmations for New Mums include:

"My baby and I are learning to breastfeed together"

"I am a strong woman and a good mother"

"I won't give up on my hardest dayI'll just give it one more day."

"Each baby is a unique a beautiful soul with their own journey to follow"

"I trust my feelings and insights as a mother. I know my baby best."

"I am gentle with myself and others"