Organic Cotton Reusable Baby Wipes by Nature's Child (8 Pack)

Nature's Child

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Avoid Single Use Disposable Baby Products and save yourself a small fortune in the process!  Made from Pure Organic Cotton - and that's it!  Simply add water or use dry.  Gentle on your babies skin they are super soft and larger than the disposable kind.

These natural alternatives to disposable wipes are also an ideal addition to a baby gift hamper.  Adults love them too! Made with love and certified organic cotton. 

We recommend at least 2 boxes or 16 wipes per baby so you never run out!

  • 100% Certified Organic Cotton 
  • Perfume and Chemical Free - Ideal for children prone to allergies
  • Set of 8
  • 30cm x 30cm
  • Made Fairly in India.
  • Box is 100% recyclable.  No Plastic Packaging
  • No Special Washing Instructions - organic cotton is very hardy. These can be washed with your clothes or with your nappies.  

How to use Nature's Child Organic Baby Wipes:

  • Use Dry for wet poo’s and urine
  • Soak in Small solution of baby wash with water or coconut oil with water in the morning so they are ready to use wet throughout the day
  • Add water as you go for a wet wipe that is fresh and only has water from a source you know about
  • Add one single drop of Lavender or Chamomile to a bowl of warm water for a lovely smelly baby wipe (from 3 months)
  • Use at bath time to gently wash your babies skin

Why we Love all things Nature's Child!

The considerations that go into purchasing these days can be overwhelming - particularly when you are about to bring a new life into the world or already have a baby or child.  We all want to do our best and there are so many things to consider!

Nature's Child creates products that helps customers be part of the solution to pollution, which are also Organic, Natural and Non-Toxic.  Their vision translates into less overwhelming choices for consumers that enables us all to buy products that are safe for our family and for the environment - still with many of the conveniences of a busy modern life.

From humble beginnings in a garage in Byron Bay in the year 2000, Nature's Child was born from owner Jannine Barron's shock at the disposable nature of baby products on offer at that time.  She set about creating reusable and natural options knowing that it was just a matter of time before a new wave of like minded parents would also want more eco-conscious choices.  Nature's Child has since grown to be the most recognised Certified Organic Baby Brand in Australia.