Organic Cotton Breast Pads - 3 Pairs Light & Discreet

Nature's Child


These super soft 100% Organic Cotton reusable breast pads are excellent for very light leakage. They are perfect to wear during pregnancy or once your supply has settled down and you are no longer leaking very much. Made by Nature's Child for breastfeeding mums.

  • 6 Reusable Breast Pads (3 pairs) included in each packet
  • Light and Discreet size - 10cm in diameter, recommended for light leakage only
  • Each breast pad has a brushed organic cotton layer to absorb moisture away from you and a jersey cotton layer on the other side to sit against your clothing.
  • There is no waterproof layer to ensure 100% breathability for total comfort. The cotton is thick enough to protect your clothing, simply change them as they get wet.

These washable breast pads are excellent for day to day use. Make sure you have enough to make it easy to change them as often as you need. We recommend at least 6 pairs of reusable breast pads, however this may change depending on the amount of leakage you experience (every woman is different!) 

Care Instructions: These organic cotton breast pads can be washed with your regular laundry in warm or cold wash. You may wish to use a wash bag to protect them from velcro etc. We recommend using a sensitive eco laundry detergent and avoid harsh chemicals (like bleach!) that may irritate your sensitive skin. Your breast pads will increase in absorbency after 8 washes.

Extra Tips: You can heat or cool your breast pads before use to help with nipple sensitivity or soreness.


Nature's Child Reusable Breast Pads are available in 3 sizes:
Light & Discreet 10cm diameter. For light leakage.
Daytime/Regular 10cm diameter. A-D cup
Night/Large 12cm diameter and thicker D cup Plus and night time all sizes. This is the LARGE PACK which will suit Mother's D cup plus during day and all cup sizes during the night.