Night Time Nursing and Stories

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You've nearly finished! This is the final video in our series. I'd love to hear from you - did you enjoy the videos and were they helpful for you? Please do send me an email to share your breastfeeding experience and any feedback you have. I'd love to hear from you!

In this video we've been honoured to be able to share a breastfeeding story from one of our demonstration mums, plus Katie has some night time nursing tips and final thoughts.

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Content Summary (and time stamps) for this video:

  • 0:28 - "Babies take 20% of their entire feeds during the nighttime and are designed to feed little and often"
  • 3:33 - "Sleeping safely"
  • 6:47 - "Sharing experiences and thoughts"
  • 11:11 - Key takeaways from this video

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Congratulations and all the best for your Breastfeeding Journey

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