New Mum Survival Kit - Hospital Bag Essentials Plus


Prepare for the birth of your baby and get ready for breastfeeding with this bundle of new mum essentials.  Let us help you get ready for the birth of your new baby and ease you into your breastfeeding journey with our Milk & Love collection of carefully curated essentials that we wish we knew we needed (and were available) when we all became first time mums! 

The new mum - survival kit has specialist products that you probably won't have just laying around the house, designed to easily pack straight into your hospital bag!  This bundles provides you with things that help during your hospital stay as well as recovery post baby and breastfeeding support.

This New Mum Survival Kit includes:

  • Perineum Heating & Cooling Strip - Prepare for labour and post partum recovery with the BodyICE Woman perineum strip which has been purposely designed to treat the perineal area pre and post childbirth.
  • TOM Organic Maternity Pads x 12 - The softest pure organic cotton for those days and weeks after birth when you need extra gentle care down there! 
  • Nature's Child Organic Nipple Balm - Extremely soft and moisturising, Nature's Child Certified organic Nipple Balm is the purest nipple cream available. Just what you need to help protect and sooth sore nipples during breastfeeding.
  • Tea for Breastfeeding Mums - 20 teabags - This organic and fair trade tea blend has been designed by a naturopath (and mother) to help support milk supply and to ease digestion for both mother and baby. 

Please be aware that sometimes due to stock shortages we may substitute an item for a similar item of greater or equal value when we send your order.

Why we Love Milk & Love New Mum Survival Kits

One of our favourite things to do is help new mums.  The thing is that often you 'don't know what you don't know' and when your motherhood journey begins and you are navigating maternity, birth and breastfeeding it can seem a bit overwhelming - like a whole new world! 

Check out our Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist for Mum and Baby to make sure you don't forget anything as you prepare for birth.

Our Survival Kits for New Mums are designed to help you through this and provide you with products that can assist you on this journey throughout the various stages.  Even if this isn't your first baby, you will also benefit from these practical necessities and  appreciate the best of what we have found to help you through the hospital stay, birth recovery and breastfeeding.