My Little Friends Board Book with Mirror

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Enjoy interactive and imaginative play with your baby or toddler with this innovative Australian Board Book, ‘My Little Friends in the Mirror’.  This colorful animal themed book with a high quality (non-glass) mirror on each page enables babies and toddlers to interact with their own reflection.  As the animal friend changes from page to page, parents can make different animal sounds and actions for babies to imitate.  Simple action words accompany each animal. 

Throw it in your bag and always have it ready for those times when your baby needs comfort by seeing their own beautiful face smiling back at them.  This is sure to become a family favourite!


  • Quality Tough Board Book – for robust play
  • Non-Glass premium mirror – designed to withstand baby drool, toddler tantrums and will not disappoint with a less that excellent reflection
  • Mirror on every page/face – make sounds and pull faces with your baby as you become the different animal character depicted on each page.  Beware – mums and dads may have as much fun as baby!
  • Designed for babies and toddlers aged 0-2
  • 7 Colourful Pages each with a mirror face
  • Animals included:
    • Owl, Piglet, Koala
    • Monkey, Lion, Kitten
  • Book size: 177 x 177mm

 Baby Stages:

  • Babies don’t recognize their own reflection until they are around 2 years old
  • 0-3 months – Recognising faces and gestures
  • 3-9 months – Play and Interaction
  • 9-18 months – Animal noises and repetition
Why we Love Baby in the Mirror...
Take two new and sleep deprived mums, a couple of babies obsessed with their own reflection, the lack of a great mirror book, some crowd funding and a super talented illustrator and you have the birth of Baby in the Mirror!
Of course nothing is ever that simple as Australia based mums, Celeste Morgan and Hannah Gibson discovered as they negotiated the strange worlds of specialist printing and bulk importing. Who new that finding good quality, non-glass mirrors and integrating them into a book would be so difficult! Undeterred they also teamed up with Danish Illustrator Michelle Carslund to help bring the animal characters to life!
Necessity is indeed the mother of invention and who better than mums to do the inventing!