Maternity Care Gift Box by BodyIce

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Pregnancy and childbirth can have its uncomfortable moments but fortunately there are natural ways to help ease the discomfort.

BodyICE® Woman Maternity Care has been carefully designed to help soothe your body during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. With two comfy breast pads and a dependable perineum strip, BodyICE Woman Maternity Care will provide cooling or warming relief in all your sensitive areas.

BodyICE Woman Maternity Care includes:

  • 2 x breast gel-bead pads
  • 2 x disposable sleeves
  • 1 x perineum gel-bead strip
  • 5 x disposable sleeves

Why We Love BodyICE

Created by Lydia Lassila, aerial skiing Olympic champion, BodyICE was initially about developing better, more efficient products to help with cold therapy to aid post operative recovery for athletes.

As a mum herself of two boys, motherhood, brought with it new opportunities to expand the range via stylish remedial ice and heat packs designed to help through labour, recovery and breastfeeding.