Cafe Cover - Breastfeeding Cover

Mani Designs

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The Cafe Cover is designed to cover your back and front when you need to nurse, and means you don't need to cover up your baby to breastfeed in public. They are the most discrete breastfeeding cover available on the market, with a subdued black colour and the ability to breastfeed without completely covering up your baby.

The Cafe Cover continues Mani Designs unique point of difference with the versatility it offers nursing mothers. With two openings under the top layer, in comparison to one opening in the Shoulder Shrug, this style allows mum to feed easily from both breasts. This is great if you are tandem nursing, and also if you tend to feed from both breasts in one sitting. You don't need to reposition your clothes to swap sides. The cotton material is deliberately very lightweight to help keep you and your baby cool in warmer weather, while the sizing is very generous so you have extra fabric for extra coverage around the sides. The nursing access is located underneath the outer layer and is a good size for easy breastfeeding.

The Cafe Cover can be worn over any style of shirt or breast accessible dress, and even with an active baby there is no fear of the Cafe Cover being pulled away while mums are nursing. The Cafe Cover also easily folds into a compact matching purse for storage in your nappy bag or pram.

Step-by-step instructions for using your Cafe Cover:

  1. When ready to nurse, simply remove the Cafe Cover from its purse and slip over your head just like you would a poncho.
  2. Pull the back panels around to cover your sides, tucking them into your waistband if it makes you feel more comfortable.
  3. Adjust your shirt/dress and bra in preparation for feeding.
  4. To completely cover your sides, overlap the front of your Cafe Cover at the sides with the back section, which should already be tucked into place.
  5. When ready to feed, position baby comfortably and lift the top layer of your Cafe Cover to reveal your breast to baby. The top layer can be draped over baby gently, just as a shirt or wrap would be. Try this step a few different ways to determine what is most comfortable for you.
  6. Once baby is finished nursing, simply lower the top layer of your Cafe Cover and re-adjust your bra and shirt/dress underneath. 
  7. Use your Cafe Cover as protection for your clothes when burping baby.
  8. Finally, slip your Cafe Cover over your head and place back in its purse ready to place straight back into your nappy bag or pram.

All styles are machine washable.

We recommend first using your Cafe Cover in the privacy of your own home. This will help breastfeeding become comfortable and effortless when using the Cafe Cover in public.

Material: The Cafe Cover is made of a quality lightweight, crushed cotton fabric with gorgeous embroidered cotton trim and shoulder detail. It is machine washable; however we recommend you do not tumble dry it. This may result in shrinkage (on high temperatures) and the fabric may also lose its “crushed” appearance.

Mani Designs is an innovative, affordable range of Australian Designed Breastfeeding Covers owned and managed in Brisbane, Australia. Designs available include the Cafe CoverShoulder Shrug and Ruffle Wrap. Exclusive to Milk and Love.