Nursing Swimwear

Like other women, you may feel a bit nervous about what to wear when it's time to slip on your bathing suit and hit the beach or pool this summer. Don't worry Mumma, we've got you covered! Milk and Love curated range of nursing friendly swimwear gives you style and support so you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality.

Our favourite nursing swimwear are the new arrivals from the Cadenshae brand. They offer more support with a flattering classic style as well as supportive nursing bras style bikini tops with adjustable straps so you can get the perfect fit. Cadenshae help you feel supported whether you are a A to D cup or for larger busts they have a specially designed bikini to offer more support for mothers who need it, so you can find swimwear that is perfect for you.

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Nursing Swimsuit Australia

Some people are interested in wearing a breastfeeding swimsuit, but aren't sure what style will work best after pregnancy. Many of these styles are also maternity swimwear and will accomodate a growing belly, however when baby comes along you will want to be able to feed easily without having to get undressed.

If you prefer one piece swimwear you'll need one that has drop cup nursing access, or zipper access. Some mamas prefer string bikinis so they can just lift it up to nurse, however mothers with larger busts will likely prefer more support. We find a nursing bikini can work well, especially if it also has drop cup nursing access so you can enjoy extra support but still accommodate breastfeeding access. We love the new Nursing Rashie Top that incorporates zippers on both sides so you can breastfeed comfortably.