Nursing Dresses

These clever designs let you breastfeed anywhere without feeling uncomfortable or worrying about what strangers think. Our collection is here to help give confidence back to new mums so they can concentrate on enjoying motherhood with their new baby.

Our beautiful range of breastfeeding dresses are tried and tested by the Milk & Love team to provide easy access for breastfeeding plus many benefits such as pockets, flattering designs and comfortable fabrics so you can wear these dresses with confidence.

Breastfeeding Dresses Australia

Refresh your wardrobe with stylish nursing dresses so you can feel good wearing a feeding dress when you're out and about. We make sure every nursing dress has easy access for feeding your hungry baby, whether it is button down access, zip access, a stud button in the right spot or lift up breastfeeding access. You can throw on our maternity and breastfeeding clothing and be confident you will be able to breastfeed, whether you're going to a wedding or just heading to the shop!

We understand that your maternity and nursing dresses need to suit your post partum body as you recover from birth, and your feeding style means quick and easy access is important. We've tried and tested all of these styles for you so you can be confident your breastfeeding clothes make nursing easy and look great on most body shapes during maternity and after birth.

Milk and Love have a great range of styles for you to shop to find the right match for your fashion style. You will love the maxi style breastfeeding dresses for your next special date, or the short summer nursing dresses for everyday wear. There is something about a stylish nursing dress that just makes you feel fabulous. Maybe it is the way they flatter your figure or the way they make you feel feminine and beautiful while giving the function to breastfeed. Whatever it is, there is no doubt that nursing clothes can help boost your confidence while you are breastfeeding!