Breastfeeding Online Classes with Katie James, IBCLC


Do you have the knowledge you need to breastfeed confidently?

Set yourself up for a great start with this FREE video course on breastfeeding. 6 easy to understand videos with Katie and some wonderful volunteer mums to demonstrate everything from what good attachment looks like through to how to express your milk with a pump. 

You can also download this FREE Breastfeeding Workbook which includes feeding & sleep baby charts to fill in, useful Australian phone numbers, key breastfeeding info at hand and more. 

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Free Breastfeeding Classes Online:

 1. Getting Started. Your support network

2. Breastfeeding After Birth. Creating a strong foundation

3. Avoiding Sore Nipples. Getting Attachment right

4. Are you making enough milk? How breast milk supply works

5. Pumping and Breastmilk Storage Guidelines

6. Night Time Nursing and Personal Stories


Won't breastfeeding happen naturally? Why do I need breastfeeding information?

Many women expect breastfeeding to 'just happen naturally', and once upon a time, when you were surrounded by breastfeeding mothers as you grew up, it probably would just happen naturally. In today's world, we don't grow up watching other women breastfeeding, and we don't have good quality knowledge being passed onto us. This often causes problems in the early days, weeks and months. A study in 2012 found that 68% of new mums didn't meet their own breastfeeding goals for a variety of reasons.

The good news is that many of the problems that new mums encounter are preventable, or can be corrected if detected early. That's why Milk and Love have recorded this series of practical videos with Katie James, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Katie helped me with both of my kids and is honest and realistic. From understanding the Supply and Demand principals of breastfeeding through to demonstrations on how to use a double pump to express your milk, you're setting you and your baby up for a great start by getting educated on the art of breastfeeding. 

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