Breastfeeding After Birth with Katie James IBCLC

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The most important time to establish a good breastfeeding relationship is the first hour after birth. Katie James, IBCLC explains what to expect in the minutes, hours and days after birth and how it impacts your future breastfeeding relationship. 

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Content summary (and time stamps) for this video:

  • 0.25 - "You've just given birth - Now What?"
  • 0.58 - "The first few days"
  • 4:13 - "Macadamia Nuts, Walnuts and Colostrum"
  • 5:07 - [Graphic] Newborn Stomach Size
  • 5:27 - "How you can help your baby attach when your breasts are too full of milk"
  • 9:34 - Getting Support
  • 11:44 - Check in with the Australian Breastfeeding Association for ongoing support
  • 13:03 - Key takeaways from this video

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