Breastfeeding Access Styles

There are a number of standard designs for easy and discrete breastfeeding access that we feature in our store. Here is some more information on the main styles:

breastfeeding friendly tops Drop cup access is one of the easiest nursing access styles available. Normally made with nursing clips you can simply unclip (with one hand), drop the fabric and away you go! Great for new mums, or anyone who doesn't like fiddly access styles.
best breastfeeding tops for new mums Empire access styles feature a seam under the breast that can be pulled up, to access the openings underneath. Many styles also include an inner lining so nursing is discrete. 
lift from the bottom hem breastfeeding tops Hem lift access is the most advanced access style. Normally made with two panels at the front for a seamless 'normal' top look, you simply lift the front panel from the hem to access the nursing openings underneath. The reason it is slightly more fiddly than the other styles is because it can take a while to lift all of the fabric out of the way. It is, however, also very discrete as the front panel can act as a mini nursing cover.
best breastfeeding tops for new mums One of our favourite access styles, neckline access simply involves pulling the neckline of your breastfeeding top or dress down to access the openings underneath. Most styles also feature a 'chest lining' which means you're still covered on top while you nurse.
modest breastfeeding friendly tops Cleverly designed breastfeeding clothes have a panel down the center which is pulled to one side to access the openings underneath. Often made with a feature on the front to disguise the purpose of the panel, you are also quite well covered in this style while nursing.
modest and easy breastfeeding access tops Some of our breastfeeding tops and dresses feature vertical front access. Often made with a zipper concealed in the fabric, you simply unzip the opening, pull to one side and nurse.