Boob Maternity Size Guide

Boob Maternity Bras are European styles. You can measure yourself using the chart below to help ensure you get the right size.


Bra sizes normally consist of a number and a letter (for example 75C). The number shows the size of the underband and the letter represents the cup size.

Once you have found your size (number and letter) you can consult the chart below to see which size to order when buying a Boob Seamless BH. First you need to take your measurements. So find a tape measure, put on a soft unpadded, non-wired bra, and breathe out!

Taking your measurements

Measure across the fullest point of your bust (A) and measure under the bust (B).




1. Size of underband

The under-bust measurement (B) shows the size of your underband.






EUR Size

(Boob size)

68-72 cm 10 70
73-77 cm 12 75
78-82 cm 14 80
83-87 cm 16 85
88-92 cm 18 90
93-97 cm 20 95
98-102 cm 22 100

2. Cup size

The difference between the measurement across the fullest part of your bust (A) and the under-bust measurement (B) gives your cup size:

Difference between A and B



Cup Size

EUR Cup Size

(Boob Bras)

12-14 cm difference A Cup A Cup
14-16 cm difference B Cup B Cup
16-18 cm difference C Cup C Cup
18-20 cm difference D Cup D Cup
20-22 cm difference DD Cup E Cup
22-24 cm difference E Cup F Cup

3. BOOB Size Guide

Work out your Boob Maternity Sports Bra Equivalent size.


EUR Size   70 75 80 85 90 95 100
  AUS Size 10 12 14 16 18 20 22
A A  S  S  S  M  L  L  
B B  S  S  M  M  L  L  XL
C C  S  M  M  M  L  L  XL
D D  M  M  M  L  L  XL  XL
E DD  M  M  L  L  XL  XL  XL
F E  L  L  L  XL  XL  XL  
G F  L  L  XL  XL  XL  XL