The Versatile Sangha Waterfall Wrap

The Versatile Sangha Waterfall Wrap

Posted by Corryn Barakat on 16th Jun 2016

When I had my second baby boy the first thing I packed into my hospital bag was my bamboo Sangha Waterfall Wrap. It is, hands down, my favourite product for new mums. The reason is that there are so many different ways you can wear it, and the long waterfall drape is soooo useful! It is perfect to use as a maternity top and as a breastfeeding cover, or even a breastfeeding top.

I wore mine for extra warmth, I tied the ends and popped them over my head to create a new look top, and I used the waterfall as a go-to nursing cover whenever I felt like I needed one. I love the soft bamboo fabric too. Some of my customers come back and buy 2 or 3 so that they can always have one to hand (when the other is in the wash!) and they are also a great gift for a friend.

The designers of this fabulous top, Mothers en Vogue, released this inspirational video with some great new ways to wear it - so if you're stuck on the same old same old then you definitely need to watch it! Made with super soft bamboo, this breastfeeding wrap can be worn in so many ways, and features a handy button that fastens under the arm to create an impromptu nursing cover. It's great for throwing over what ever you're wearing, and the versatility of the design means you can wear it different ways over and over again. This is our go-to product for mums (I loved it during pregnancy too).

We want to see your favourite way of styling your Sangha Waterfall Wrap post your fav pic on Facebook or Instagram :)

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