Summer Dress Giveaway Winners + What Motherhood Means to Them ❤️️

Summer Dress Giveaway Winners + What Motherhood Means to Them ❤️️

Posted by Corryn, Founder, Milk and Love on 16th Feb 2017

I'm so excited to announce our Summer Maternity DressBreastfeeding Dress winners! As you might know, I asked all entrants to share what Motherhood Means to them, and some of the answers were just beautiful. It was really hard to choose just 3 winners!

Congratulations to the winners of last month's Summer Giveaway. Karen, Sue & Karyn are now the proud owners of some of our gorgeous summer dresses, including the elegant Lily Dress and the bestselling Goddess Drape Dress in Zig Zag print.

Lily Dress Goddess Dress

As part of the Giveaway, we asked what Motherhood means to you and the responses from our lucky winners were 'Heart-warming', 'Full' and 'Humbling'. Here's a little more from Karen on the topic of 'Humbling' that we think is just beautiful and feel very honoured to be able to share with you. Thank you Karen for your insightful words.

The Humbling Experience that is Motherhood.

Before you are a mother, you are one person. You give birth and you are separated into 2 people. You literally lose what was part of yourself and you also metaphorically lose part of yourself. Once you have that small child, you are a unit. Along with your husband / partner if you have one, you are a family. You no longer have a singular identity. And this is humbling. But it is also ok. In fact it is good. When you are part of this unit, part of this family, you should expect to be different. You can occasionally ache for your "former self", but at the end of the day you are where you want to be, snuggling your little person or little people, happy to be their world. Those snuggles will not be wanted and craved forever, and you may find that you will be humbled again when you realise you are not needed so intensely, wanted so purely or loved so unconditionally.

Then, there is the not-so-nice humbling. The humbling that other people try to give you when they want to give you advice on how to parent your child, who nobody is more qualified to give advice on than yourself.

If you choose to be a gentle parent, you quite frequently come across people that think you need to be humbled. They might feel the need to tell you that your child will never be independent of you, you are setting them up to fail, they need to learn to be left to cry and you will never have any control of them. They may even tell you that you need to get off your high horse and get some authority over your child. However, gentle parents are authoritative. They set boundaries. And they discipline their children. But there is a difference between being authoritative and authoritarian.

Be humbled by the great experience that is motherhood. But enjoy it. Be frustrated by it. Revel in it. Savour it. Love it. Respect it as the amazing job that it is. And remember the little person or people that give you that job title, and why you wanted it in the first place.