It's a Wrap!  The essential layering piece all Nursing Mums need for winter and beyond...

It's a Wrap! The essential layering piece all Nursing Mums need for winter and beyond...

Posted by Rosanna Paul on 27th Mar 2019

Everyone needs a little bit of magic in their wardrobe. An item that converts a summer dress to winter, a casual top to dressy, is fashionable, yet timeless and hopefully comes in a number of colours (so you can buy it in every one!)

Never is this more important than when you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your maternity and nursing tops and dresses need to work hard for you on every front! Who has time to carefully curate a completely different outfit every day. It’s grab and go!

The Bamboo Waterfall Wrap (Cardigan), by Mothers En Vogue is a wardrobe Houdini for nursing mums, pregnant mums and mums who have moved on from the baby years but can now pat themselves on the back for making such a clever purchasing decision.

The soft bamboo fabric drapes beautifully which means that, unlike some garments in this style (which look great on a hanger but not so much in the mirror), it does not add bulk or overwhelm when left open and hanging. It is flattering for all body types. It can also be worn in multiple ways and customised to suit different outfits. If you are wearing slim fitting clothes, leave it open or loosely draped over one shoulder or if you are wanting to create more of a figure hugging silhouette over looser maternity or nursing dresses, tie it at the front or back to create a more fitted look.

Why it works with Maternity Tops and Dresses?

The waterfall wrap handles maternity beautifully by allowing you to customise clothes in your existing wardrobe or convert for different occassions.  Made with a pinch of spandex the fabric drapes and stretches, according to your needs.

Breastfeeding access explained

Buttons are positioned on the edges of the nursing wrap, allowing you to use this as a breastfeeding cover.  Simply start with the wrap open, put your baby in position and then draw one side of the wrap across and secure the button into the internal button hole.  Your baby is now snuggled in tight, cocooned between you and the soft natural bamboo.

Bronwyn from Four to Adore show’s how it’s done…

So, I hear you ask, how many colours can I buy this Nursing Mothers miracle Top in?

Dove Grey - The perfect light neutral which simply goes with everything and works well with lighter summer colours!

India Ink - Beautiful Navy is a great alternative to black!

Black - No explanation needed! 

3 more reasons to buy the Bamboo Waterfall Breastfeeding and Maternity Wrap…

Quick the postman's at the door!  It's always the day when you are slouching around in a nursing singlet and trackie bottoms that you can pretty much guarantee that, mid-feed, the postman will come to the door.  (And we all know how important it is to answer the door so you don't have to trek to the post office the next day!) Well you just keep on feeding that baby and answer the door, like the multi-tasking mother that you are, confident in the knowledge that the postman won't get an eye full because your waterfall wrap has saved the day. 

Whoops, I just realised I have baby vomit on my t-shirt.  And that would be the moment you are just about to step out the door and are also running late!  That's ok, simply grab a wipe, pull on your wrap and away you go.  No one will be any the wiser!

Cost per wear.  This speaks for itself!  The Bamboo Nursing Wrap will become a 'go-to' that makes you wonder what outer wear you wore before you bought this (and wish that you'd bought all three colours)!

Fit and Sizing

The waterfall nursing wrap is true to size, however, if you want to wear it, more often, over long sleeves you might want to size up for comfort.

A bit about Mothers En Vogue Nursing Tops & Dresses

Mothers En Vogue is made by a mum for mums. MEV works exclusively with natural fibers and, where ever possible, choose environmentally friendly alternatives that minimise impact to the environment.  They use Certified Organic Cotton that is grown without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Mums and bubs can safely come in contact with it knowing that it is not only kind to the wearer it is also kind to the environment!

About the author

Rosanna Paul, Author

Rosanna is a mum of 4 who has always loved fashion, lives for school holidays, and finds it impossible to put down (or not binge watch) a good story. She loves to help customers create a functional wardrobe that makes it easy and enjoyable to get ready in the morning, while have something to wear for every occasion, and most importantly, feel lovely and stylish. Read more about Rosanna here.

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