11 Tweets That Nail Valentines Day for Parents

11 Tweets That Nail Valentines Day for Parents

Posted by Milk and Love team on 9th Feb 2018

Having children is not exactly synonymous with a romantic Valentines Day. Gone are the nights of candlelit dinners, late night strolls on the beach and enjoying the romantic moonlight (unless you have a reliable babysitter of course!).

While you are stuck at home, waiting for the kids to go to sleep so you can enjoy some alone time, have a read of these tweets from fellow parents. They will be sure to make you smile, and may just make your Valentines Day better!

When a home made card just doesn't quite work

Keeping it simple this Valentines Day

Who says you still can’t enjoy an evening out for dinner?

Well, there is nudity and chocolate…..

Now that would be sweet and thoughtful!

Candlelit dinner be damned! This ticks so many boxes.

This is the ultimate Valentines Day gift.

Would those festivities be some chocolate and an early night to bed?

Scrolling through facebook and seeing what everyone else is up to for Valentines Day.

Many a romances are started with a good glass, or box as is the case, of wine!

Best Dad ever!