Avoiding Sore Nipples with Good Attachment and Positioning

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"Attachment" refers to the way your baby positions their mouth during breastfeeding. Poor attachment can make it difficult for your baby to drink milk from your breast, and can cause excessive pain for you. Watch these detailed demonstrations with our lovely #MilkandLoveMums and find out what to look for to improve your attachment to avoid sore nipples and other problems with Katie James, IBCLC

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Content Summary (and timestamps) for this video:

  • 0:27 - Oxytocin - the magical love hormone
  • 2:33 - "Watch your baby start the feed with quick sucks and see how the sucking pattern changes into a more regular suck and swallow as the milk flows"
  • 2:49 - "Baby Led Attachment and Laid Back Feeding"
  • 5:22 - "Breastfeeding positions - Cradle Hold"
  • 6:33 - "Breastfeeding positions - Football Hold or Underarm position"
  • 7:18 - "Breastfeeding positions - Lying down nursing"
  • 8:20 - "Make sure baby is supported and aligned while feeding"
  • 8:58 - "Following baby's lead and watching for feeding cues"
  • 10:42 - "Burping your baby and coping with fast flow"
  • 17:11 - Key takeaways from this video

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